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The Planks

The planks to our shack is a Country Music Directory that will open up a great new experience to emerging artists and bands who are in the online world of country music..  To get your own plank click here

Gunsmoke are a UK Country group who also write their own songs, they have 5 Albums out worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and many more premier download sites.

Find out more about Gunsmoke, join their fan-club or pass comments on the recordings. You can preview and download at their Record Labels site Soundblitz Records. Visit Here

Cory Elrod  About Me:I have two c-ds out Just one last kiss and Thumb in the wind the backbone behind promoting my most recent c-d is former vice president on RCA records Ed Spacek brother to the actress Sissy Spacek.  Played country music with the legendary Tony Douglas He had alot of hits on the country charts such as His&Hers and Thank you for touching my life. Until his passing Tony was my mentor, manager and close friend,

Cory’s records can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon and all Premier Download sites Visit Cory at his Record Lable site MrBenidorm Records here

Dave Vernon is predominantly a Country Singer who also has a really nice Irish Songs album out. He had a big hit with ‘Child of 1945’ some years ago. Dave is signed to MrBenidorm Records and has albums out on iTunes, and all good premier download sites visit his Record Label site here

Rick Wild - Lead Singer in the Overlanders has had many hits during his career including ‘Michelle’ penned by The Beatles. He is signed to Soundblitz Records and covers many genres, however Country is his first love and he has various albums on iTunes and all Premier Digital download sites. Visit Rick at his label here check out his country hit Rockabilly Rebel

B.J.Locklin is a UK Country Singer signed to MrBenidorm Records. His Album ‘The Story So Far’ can be found on all Premier Download sites. Check out his songs on JustCountryOnLine.com you’ll be pleased you did.

Debbie Bennett is an American Award Winning artist a Christian singer/songwriter who is signed to UK label MrBenidorm Records.

Distributed world-wide check out on JustCountryOnLine.com

Howard Salmon - Signed to MrBenidorm Records is an American Country singer/songwriter. Great recordings available worldwide on all Premier Digital Download Platforms visit at JustCountryOnLine.com

Laveaux is a Belgium singer/songwriter signed to MrBenidorm Records and Soundblitz Records. His Albums are available worldwide on all Premier Download sites. Check him out at JustcountryOnLine.com

Abe Zacharias

Ryan Dior

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