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We have experienced a database outrage, the issues are now rectified. However we are having to re-install Artist details and songs manually. This will take a few days to accomplish. New members may still join and upload images and songs these are unaffected.

Please not when joining that we have a Free account that will allow for up to 10 songs to be uploaded.

Our Artist Plus Account allows for 20 songs to be uploaded and these can be sold as MP3 downloads on a 50/50 basis. There are lots of other features enabled for the Artist Plus Account. A small charge of just £5 a year is made for this account to prevent Spam Accounts.

Gunfighter's Prayer play Gunfighter's Prayer
Cory Elrod
Country Fever play Country Fever
Cory Elrod
Homeless and Hungry play Homeless and Hungry
Cory Elrod
I'll See My Angel Again play I'll See My Angel Again
Cory Elrod
Just One Last Kiss play Just One Last Kiss
Cory Elrod
He Gave Me Life play He Gave Me Life
Debbie Bennett
Remember The Nails play Remember The Nails
Debbie Bennett
A Man Named Johnny Cash play A Man Named Johnny Cash
Dave Vernom
Old Faded Jeans play Old Faded Jeans
Cory Elrod
Ole Time Love's Sake play Ole Time Love's Sake
Cory Elrod
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